USB oscilloscope - XZL Studio DX



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Multifunctional testing device

XZL Studio DX

The XZL Studio DX is a large sample buffer USB based programmable multifunction digital storage oscilloscope, logic analyzer and digital signal generator in a single compact and easy to use device. The device offers 2-channel analog inputs for digital osciloscope, 16-channels logic analyzer and 16-channels for digital signal generator.

Connecting to your PC, the USBee DX Test Pod uses the power and speed of the USB 2.0 bus to capture and control analog and digital information from your own hardware designs. The XZL Studio takes advantage of already existing PC resources by streaming data over the High-Speed USB 2.0 bus to and from the PC. This allows the device can utilize available PC memory as the sample buffer, allowing selectable sample depths from one to many hundreds of millions of samples.

XZL Studio DX device offers a wide range of functions such as multimeter, bus decoder (SPI, I2C, CANbus, USB, SMBus, etc.), frequency counter and many others.

XZL Studio DX Main features:

  • 16 bi-directional digital and 2 analog channels provide all these functions in a tiny and easy to use device.
  • Continuously stream real-time bus traffic to the screen or a file. Supports SPI, Serial, I2C, I2S, Async, USB Full and Low Speed, SMBus, 1-Wire, Parallelor CAN busses. 2analog and 16digital mixed digital storage oscilloscope and logic analyzer.
  • Bus Decoders (SPI, Serial, I2C, I2S, Async, USB Full and Low Speed, SMBus, etc.)
  • Maximum samle frequency 24MHz
  • Sample memory >200KS - maximal memory is given by size of RAM of host computer
  • Wide range of functions: voltmeter, frequency counter, bus decoder, etc.
  • Possibility to use as data logger


Price: 184,- EUR without VAT (222,- incl. VAT)