USB oscilloscope - Hantek 3062L



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Digital oscilloscope and logic analyzer



Hantek DSO3062L is a multifunctional instrumen that covers 4 testing devices: 2-channel digitall oscilloscope, 16-channel logic analyzer, spectral analyzer and frequnecy counter. Digital oscilloscope provides 200MS/sec. sample rate with 60MHz bandwidth and up to 16MS sample memory depth per channel. Logic analyzer makes enable measurements of digital signal up to 10MHz bandwidth (max. sample rate is 100MS/s.) and offers memory up to 68MS per channel.

The device is designed for USB insterface connection or Ethernet (LAN] / Wifi connection as optional.

Software application for DSO3062L device offers a lot of functions and settings for laboratory and operational measurement as well for automotive diagnostics (such as FFT analysis, autoset, mathematical operations, ignition measurements, lambda sensors measurements, etc.

Device is obtainable in different versions (kits), that differ in supplied accessories

Due to proof industrial design, number of input analog and digital channels, parameters and supplied accessories this device is ideal and powerful tool for service, laboratory, testing, industry usage scope as for automotive diagnostic tool.

DSO3062L main features:

  • 2-channel oscilloscope with 60MHz bandwidth (sample rate 200MHz)
  • 8-bits vertical resolution of oscilloscope
  • Sample memory depth for oscilloscope from 10kS up to 16MS
  • Wide range of input voltage,suitable for vehicle power test (8-36V)
  • 16-bits logic analyzer with bandwidth 10MHz (sample rate 100MHz)
  • Sample memory depth for logic analyzer up to 68MS per channel
  • Frequency counter, Spectral analyzer
  • Excellent industrial design/li>
  • Connected through USB 2.0 interface plug and play or LAN and WIFI as optional.
  • More than 20 kinds of automatic measurement function,PASS/FAIL Check function, is suitable for engineering application.
  • Software development libraries and source codes are available on CD


Price: 364,- EUR without VAT (440,- incl. VAT)