USB oscilloscope - Hantek DSO5200A



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Digital oscilloscope



DSO5200A is high-quality two channel digital oscilloscope designed for connection to USB interface with 12Mbp communication speed. Oscilloscope contains two independent channels with bandwidth 200MHz and sample frequency up to 250MHz (using one channel) or 125MHz (using both channels). Device also enables measuring periodic signals by equivalent sampling method up to sample rates 50GS/sec.

Scope provides measuring with 9-bits vertical resolution and sample memory from 10kS up to 1MS. Oscilloscope is USB bus-powered and thefore any additional power supply adaptor is not needed. Whether out of range of an outlet or whether you're on the move, you won't be tethered to an AC power source.

Software for DSO5200A offers easy to use and intuitive control as on classic oscilloscope. This software provides many usefull functions such as spectral analysis (FFT], time and voltage cursors, automatic settings of oscilloscope parameters, basic mathematical operations, saving waveforms in different formats, etc.

Main features of DSO5200A:

  • 2-channel oscilloscope with sampling rate up to 250MS/sec. (125MS/sec. using both channels)
  • Equivalent sample rate 50GS/s
  • Input channel bandwidth 200MHz
  • Total memory for smaples up to 1MS
  • External trigger input
  • USB powered device
  • Free software and driver updates


Price: 345,- EUR without VAT (417,- incl. VAT)