USB oscilloscope - Cleverscope CS328A



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Cleverscope is combined instrument designed for connection to host PC via USB or Ethernet interface (Ethernet connection is optional extension) which offers two channel digital oscilloscope with 10-bit resolution (optionally 12-bit or 14-bits), eight channel logic analyzer, spectral analyzer and signal generator (optional extension - CS700A module). CS328A contains (as standard type) 4MS (mega samples) memory for storing measured samples, which means 2MS for each channel and this memory can be upgraded up to 8MS (4MS for each channel)

Its innovative approach delivers an unbeatable combination of affordability, performance, ease of use and documentation of test results. Regarding to its possibilites and performance this oscilloscope brings benefits to the user that are unavailable from traditional stand-alone oscilloscopes, such as simple data processing in other appliacations by the help of “Copy“ and “Paste“ funtions, data saving or loading from disk and not least it is favourable price, etc.


Cleverscope CS328A main features:

  • Two 10 bit, 12bit, or 14 bit analog channels sampling simultaneously at 100 MSa/s. AC or DC coupled. The bit resolution is field upgradeable by changing the sampler circuit board.
  • Eight digital inputs sampling at 100 MSa/s with threshold adjustable from 0 to 8 V in 10 mV increments.
  • 4M sample memory (optionally extensible to 8M sample) for analog inputs and 4MS (8MS) for digital inputs. The sample storage may be allocated as between 2 to 1000 frames varying in size from 2000 to 2M samples (when 8MS memory is installed it can be from 4000 to 4M samples). These may be used as a history store for reviewing previously captured signals, or to capture up to 2000 trigger events with a minimal 2 µs inter-frame delay, while maintaining time relative to the first trigger for all succeeding frames.
  • One external trigger, threshold adjustable from 0 to ±20V in 40 mV increments.
  • A dual hardware trigger system based on a rising or falling edge on any input signal, triggering when one or both trigger conditions are met, and the time between triggers is less than, in or more than a user defined range, or the trigger count equals a user defined value.
  • A rear panel I/O connector with a 100 Mbit/sec bi-directional LVDS/RS422 link, and three RS422 outputs defaulting to sampling started, trigger received and sampling stopped. This I/O connector may be also used to interconnect Cleverscope units which makes up 4 channel oscilloscope and 16 channel logic analyzer.
  • Adjustable hardware anti-aliasing 5th order low pass filter.
  • Triggered LED and Power LED on the front panel.
  • Self calibration to ensure DC performance specifications are met.
  • Low jitter (1 ps rms) sampling clock for 70 dB spurious free dynamic range.
  • An optional plug-in signal generator module, that can generate functions sine, square, triangle and DC with frequency range 0-10MHz.
  • Highly flexible software with intuitive and easy controlling and with wide possibilities of settings, displaying and processing of measured signals. Cleverscope appliaction allows separate, freely moveable and resizable windows to display the signal, a zoomed signal view, the frequency spectrum of the signal, control panel, etc.
  • Application offer a realtime advanced matematical processing for measured data, including operations such as root, integral, derivation, etc. and filtering.
  • Web server for remote viewing of LAN (via Ethernet port) connected units.
  • FREE downloadable software updates and firmware upgrades.
  • Part of supplied software is also DLL library that enables custom user software development.
  • And many others ...


Price: 1 268,- EUR without VAT (1 535,- incl. VAT)