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Measuring and testing devices

(oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, etc.)


Logic analyzer



LA5034 is a 34 channel USB based logic analyzer with sampling frequency up to 500MHz designed for test, diagnostics and analysis of digital signals in digital circuits. It has the features of the multi-channel oscilloscopes and other expensive bench type instruments. LA5034 offers advanced multi-level triggering, adjustable logic threshold from +6V to -6V, built-in 250MHz frequency counter.

Application for LA5034 is easy to use and offers many functions and settings such as interpreters for CAN, I2C, SPI and RS232 buses, intuitive and flexible displays to facilitate dynamic analysis, can transform the information, you can use the binary, decimal, hexadecimal or ASCII, etc.

Due to number of input channels, acquisition speed and other properties the LA5034 is very suitable for electronics engineers and college students in scientific research and development as for field measurements.

Main features of LA5034 device:

  • 34 channel logic analyzer with sample frequency 500MHz
  • Input signals bandwith up to 150MHz
  • Adjustable logic levels from -6V up to +6V
  • Sample memory 2KS for each channel
  • Compatible logic inputs: TTL, LVTTL, CMOS, LVCOMS, ECL, PECL, EIA, etc.
  • Maximu input voltage up to 250V (duration 0,5sec)
  • Possibility to record waveform (compressed format) up to 10hours

Price: 169,- € without VAT (205,- € including VAT)

Dostupnost:  2 weeks


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